Telemetry Systems

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Transportable Telemetry System (Catalog #11000-004)
Contract: White Sands Missile Range, NM; 4/03 - 10/04

The Transportable Telemetry System (TTS) provides missile tracking capability and gathers and processes the resulting data. The TTS is a system of five shelters which includes two electronic equipment shelters, two power shelters, and one SatCom shelter all constructed to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 1496-1) requirements. Two ViaSat tracking antennas, one SeaTel, and two Inmarsat communications antennas are also part of the system. When set up for operation, the two electronic equipment shelters are attached to each other as a unit. All shelters are 8' W X 8' H X 30' L with the exception of the SatCom shelter at 39' L. All the shelters are constructed of 0.050 aluminum paneling over aluminum hatposts. The walls and ceiling are insulated.  The undercarriage is insulated and finished with 3M undercoating. Lighting is provided by surface mount fluorescent and by Vaportite incandescent fixtures. The shelters are transportable by flatbed trailer, train, container ship, and aircraft.

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 Mobile Telemetry Antenna & Pedestal System (MTS) Shelter
Contract: WSMR, NM; 10/00 - 10/01

Under the 5-year GPIV contract with WSMR, EMI manufactured a 24-foot telemetry equipment support shelter. This shelter operates in conjunction with the mobile telemetry antenna and pedestal system trailer, also manufactured by EMI. Antenna system equipment installation was subcontracted. Basic shelter construction is according to the GPIV construction specifications. In addition EMI installed two 20 KW generators, two 3-ton air conditioning units, a telescoping antenna mast, a cable reel, and belly box storage units. The interior is furnished with equipment racks for the telemetry data processing equipment, storage cabinets, fold-down work surfaces, refrigerator, and microwave unit. EMI purchased and installed the electronic equipment under a separate contract.

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 Versatile Tracking Mount/Mobile Telemetry Antenna and Pedestal System (VTM/MTAPS) Trailer (Catalog #11000-002)
Contract: White Sands Missile Range, NM; 6/95 - 7/97

In conjunction with the GPIS/MTAPS and TRS contracts, EMI engineered and fabricated a 20-foot mobile telemetry antenna and pedestal system trailer for White Sands. EMI completely fabricated a 6,000 lb. dual axle Kineto Tracking Mount-type trailer, and subcontracted with Scientific Atlanta to install an 8-foot dish antenna and E-SCAN telemetry system equipment. Extensive testing of the telemetry system was performed at the Scientific Atlanta facility.

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 Telemetry Receiving System (TRS) Equipment Integration (Catalog #11000-003)
Contract: White Sands Missile Range, NM; 9/96 - 6/97

In conjunction with the GPIS/MTAPS contract, under which EMI fabricated a 20-foot general purpose instrumentation van, and the VTM/MTAPS contract, under which EMI fabricated a telemetry trailer, EMI purchased telemetry receiving system equipment and installed it into the van. EMI researched equipment quantities, identified functional and operational parameters, conducted an equipment compatibility design review, designed the equipment rack layout configuration, and performed system integration.

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 General Purpose Instrumentation Shelter (GPIS/MTAPS) (Catalog #11000-001)
Contract: White Sands Missile Range, NM; 4/94 - 10/94

Under the GPIS contract, EMI designed and fabricated a 20-foot shelter for WSMR use. The shelter houses and transports telemetry control equipment purchased and integrated by EMI under the TRS contract. The shelter is mounted on a GFE vehicle which also tows an associated antenna trailer engineered and fabricated by EMI under the VTM/MTAPS contract. Air conditioning and heating system are configured for desert environment. The shelter is furnished with equipment racks, storage units, uninterruptible power supply, 15 KW generator and cable reel. Telescoping pneumatic masts and compressor are mounted on the rear.

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