Medical, Chemical, & Dormitory Vans

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Mobile HENC II (Catalog #05000-020)
Contract: Los Alamos National Labs, Los Alamos, NM; 3/02-11/02

The requirement was for design and fabrication of an assay van to be used for performing neutron assays of large waste containers. The 48-foot van is a "low boy" design with drop-down center section. It is divided into a forward control room, a center assay section and a rear storage area. Shelter framework construction is typical of that for semitrailers. EMI provided all electrical wiring, lighting and environmental conditioning system. Fire retardant plywood is used throughout. Safety glass is used for all windows and sliding glass doors. The control room walls are finished with carpeting, the floor is finished with rubberized safety tile, and the ceiling is finished with acoustical tile. Center and rear section walls and ceiling are finished with scrubbable fiberglass reinforced paneling; the floor is aluminum diamond treadplate. A 12-ft. wide door is provided on the streetside wall in the center section for assembly and maintenance of the assay instrument. A large weather sealed roll-up door is provided on the curbside wall for loading and unloading waste containers. A gas spring activated, fold-down metal awning shades the roll-up door. Interior access stairs with safety rails and sliding glass doors are installed between the forward control room and the assay section. A fire protection system was installed by EMI, along with other safety equipment. Communications equipment including intercom and phone line is provided. The customer logo is stenciled on the van exterior. EMI furnished the control room with office furniture including workstations and wall mounted storage cabinets. Equipment slides are installed beside the work station. The neutron instrument, Californium shield block, electronics and controls in the assay section were provided and installed by the customer.

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Mobile Chemistry Laboratory (Catalog #08000-001)
Contract: Los Alamos National Labs, Los Alamos, NM; 12/94 - 2/95

EMI procured a 53-foot dry freight van and modified it according to specification. Expandable side sections were installed in a 26-foot section of the van to accommodate a customer-furnished Automated Bench. The remainder of the trailer is outfitted as a manual laboratory, housing metal scientific lab storage cabinets with resin work surfaces, flammable storage cabinet, sinks with lab faucets, fume hood, two refrigerators, drying oven, lab equipment dishwasher, eye wash station, computer/work desk, communications equipment and Ethernet network. EMI installed all electrical and plumbing systems and provided environmental conditioning unit, uninterruptable power supply, air compressor with vibration isolators, cable reel, and safety equipment. Interior is finished with scrubbable fiberglass reinforced paneling on walls and ceiling and sheet vinyl flooring.

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