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 Y2K Testbed Weather Van (Catalog #5000-012)
Contract: DP Associates for Hurlburt Field, FL; 9/99 - 4/00

The Y2K Van is a commercial 53-foot dry freight van, modified by EMI to serve as a weather van. The van is insulated, wired, lighted and air conditioned. A personnel door with step assembly is provided on the curbside wall. An insulated weatherproof wall with personnel door is installed in the rear, recessed from the rear doors which are accessed by a 10-foot entry ramp. Interior is finished with carpeted walls, raised computer tile floor, and acoustical tile ceiling. A movable partitioning wall is installed. The rear entry area is finished with fiberglass reinforced paneling on the walls and non-slip aluminum treadplate on the floor. Equipment racks on slides, fold-down work surfaces, and emergency and safety equipment are installed. I/O panels and dual data jacks are provided. Four 48-inch belly boxes are installed on the exterior. EMI built a second unit which is essentially the same, with an addition of a roof deck with safety rail system and permanently mounted roof ladder.

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 HIRMS Vam(Catalog #5000-018)
Contract: White Sands Missile Range, NM for Aberdeen Test Center, MD

Through an on-going contract at White Sands, Aberdeen contracted with EMI for a 40-foot long air ride suspension instrumentation shelter. Four independent, manually operated stabilizing jacks aid in leveling the trailer for operation. Two 3-ton air conditioning units with hot gas bypass feature are mounted on the front wall. A personnel door with detachable step assembly and safety rail system is provided on the curbside front wall. Three 60-inch belly boxes, with an additional storage box for the step assembly, are installed. An access ladder is mounted on the rear curbside door. Four exterior floodlights are recessed, two on each side wall; one floodlight is installed between the two air conditioning units. Two I/O panels are provided, one on the rear curbside and one on the front streetside. Phone and data jack are mounted on the curbside wall. Additional equipment includes manual cable reel and 1600-lb. capacity rear liftgate; the liftgate modified by EMI to fit flush with the raised computer floor when deployed. The interior is divided into operator and utility compartments. The front compartment contains six equipment racks on slides with writing tops. Twistlock receptacles, plug strips, and data jacks are provided for the racks. UPS units are installed, one in each equipment rack and one in a belly box. Other furnishings include two laminate fold-down work surfaces, one laminate desk over two wood 3-drawer pedestals, two wood wall cabinets with base cabinets, and one 5-drawer file cabinet. Microwave, refrigerator, and hot/cold water cooler are included. Phone and data jacks, electrical plug strips, individual lighting, and operator chairs are provided at the workstations. Recessed fluorescent lighting and emergency lighting are installed. The rear compartment houses a professional tool storage box, a fold-down laminate work surface, and wood storage units. In both compartments the drop ceiling is finished with acoustical tile; the area above the ceiling serves for cooled air distribution. The walls are finished with commercial carpeting for sound attenuation. A raised floor is finished with computer tile.

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 JTI Instrumentation Trailer
(Catalog #5000-015)
Contract: JTI, Albuquerque, NM; 9/99 – 6/00

EMI purchased and converted a commercial 53-ft. dry freight van into an instrumentation van for use by White Sands Missile Range. EMI installed GFE air conditioning/heating units, and provided and installed all wiring and lighting. A roof deck with safety rail system, antenna hardpoints, camera mounts and recessed sidewall-mounted access ladder are all installed. Removable platform and stair assembly with safety rails serve the personnel door. Exterior equipment includes lift crane, winch, rear liftgate, cable reel with cable, and 100 kw generator and belly box storage. The interior is finished with dropped acoustical tile ceiling, carpeted walls, and rubber safety tread tile on the floor. Furnishings include unistrut for equipment tiedown, five 2-bay equipment racks, some with writing tops, wood storage units with laminate tops, fold-down work tables, safe, file cabinet, microwave oven and refrigerator. Safety equipment, intercom system and phone jacks are all provided. EMI also performed electronic equipment installation and cabling.

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 Mobile Assay Van (Catalog #05000-010)
Contract: Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM; 2/99 - 4/99

The assay van is used for performing neutron assays of large waste containers. The 48-foot van is a "low boy" design divided into a forward control room, center assay section and rear storage area. EMI completely engineered and fabricated the van, providing all electrical wiring, lighting and environmental conditioning system. Safety features include fire retardant plywood, safety glass and fire suppression system. Walls are either carpeted or covered with fiberglass reinforced paneling; floors are finished with either rubberized safety tile or aluminum treadplate; ceilings are finished with acoustical tile. Exterior double doors are installed streetside and a roll-up door is installed curbside. Communications equipment includes intercom and phone jack. Furnishings include work stations and storage cabinets. Assay equipment was installed by the customer.

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 OTD 53' Transportable Van (Catalog #05000-009)
Contract: White Sands Missile Range, NM; 4/98 - 1/99

A 53-foot van was purchased by EMI and modified as an instrumentation van. EMI insulated, wired and finished walls, ceiling and floor. The floor is a raised computer floor, the ceiling is a drop acoustical tile ceiling with recessed lighting, and the walls are carpeting over plywood. Load center, patch panel and meter panel were integrated. EMI furnished the shelter with wood storage cabinetry with laminate work surfaces, equipment racks on slides, and 6.5 KW UPS unit. Additional GFE racks and slides were installed. On the exterior, EMI provided and installed ECU, and roof deck with safety rail system and access ladder. A 35 KW generator was provided on a separate trailer.

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