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 SCI TEC JMITS OTD (Catalog #05000-022)
Contract: SCI TEC, NM; 4/05 - 12/05

The SCI TEC-OTD Shelter is a commercial 53-foot dry freight van, modified to serve as a weather van. The van is insulated and provided with all wiring, interior/exterior lighting, and air conditioning/heating. A personnel door with step assembly is provided on the streetside wall. An insulated weatherproof wall is installed in the rear, approximately 100" from the double rear doors. The rear doors are provided with a lift gate. Interior walls are finished with carpeting, floor is raised computer tile, and the drop ceiling is finished with carpeting. Recessed unistrut channel is provided on the walls and floor for equipment tiedown. The van is furnished with equipment racks on slides with power strips, and two fold-down work surfaces. Two signal I/O panels, on the rear curbside, and 16 dual data jacks are provided.  Emergency and safety equipment are supplied. Six 48-inch storage boxes are provided on the exterior, three mounted on the curbside and three mounted on the streetside.

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GSMS Van (Catalog #4000-033)
White Sands Missile Range, NM for Aberdeen Test Center, MD: 3/02-1/03

Through an on-going contract at White Sands, Aberdeen contracted with EMI for a 45-foot long air ride suspension instrumentation shelter. Four independent, manually operated stabilizing jacks aid in leveling the trailer for operation. Two 3-ton air conditioning units with hot gas bypass are mounted on the front wall. A personnel door with detachable step assembly and safety rail system is provided on the curbside front wall. Four underneath belly boxes with an additional storage box for the step assembly are installed. A 10-ft. deck with safety rail system and access ladder is mounted on the roof. Four exterior floodlights are recessed, two on each side wall; one floodlight is installed between the two air conditioning units. Two I/O panels are provided, one on the rear curbside and one on the front streetside. One phone jack and one data jack are mounted on the curbside wall. Additional equipment includes manual cable reel and 1600-lb. capacity rear liftgate; the liftgate fits flush with the raised floor when deployed. The interior is divided by a partition. The front compartment contains five equipment racks on slides and one fixed rack. All racks have writing tops and UPS unit installed. Twistlock receptacles, plug strips, and data jacks are provided for the racks. Other furnishings include two laminate work surfaces over wood 3-drawer pedestals, wooden wall cabinets with base cabinet, two 5-drawer files and laminate fold-down tables. Microwave, refrigerator, and hot/cold water cooler are provided. Phone and data jacks, electrical plug strips, individual lighting, and operator chairs are installed at the workstations. Recessed fluorescent lighting and emergency lighting are installed. Safety equipment, whiteboard and coat rack are mounted on the walls. The rear compartment houses professional tool storage, fold-down laminate work surface, and wood storage units. In both compartments the drop ceiling is finished with acoustical tile; the area above the ceiling serves for cooled air distribution. The walls are finished with commercial carpeting. A raised floor is finished with computer tile.

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Bechtel Atlas Trailer Refurbishment (Catalog #05000-021)
Customer: Bechtel Neveda, Las Vegas, NV; 3/03-9/03

EMI completely refurbished the interior and exterior of two existing 12.5-foot x 64-foot trailers. The trailers were stripped of all equipment and interior finish materials. Load centers, some electrical wiring, and a fire suppression system were retained. Additional wiring and cable trays were installed. Fire retardant plywood was used throughout. Walls and ceiling are finished with commercial carpet; Part of the raised floor is finished with carpet, part with removable computer tile. Ambient and task lighting illuminate work areas. New 6-ton air conditioning units, and modified ducting are provided. Eight patch panels and feedthrough connectors were installed. Equipment racks with doors, some roll-around and some mounted on slides, were provided and installed. Furnishings include fixed and fold-down countertop work surfaces with electrical plug strips, task lighting, whiteboards, and overhead metal storage cabinets. EMI completely refurbished and repainted the exteriors and applied customer logos. A detachable, 10-foot wide central walkway and stairs, and an awning system connects the two trailers when parked side-by-side.

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 Mobile CER-EAGE Trailer Refurbishment (Catalog #05000-010)
Vandenberg Air Force Base, McClellan, CA; 9/01 – 6/02

EMI performed a complete refurbishment of a used 40-foot long dry freight van. The rear roll-up door and the side personnel door were removed and replaced with new personnel doors with security hardware and step assemblies. The exterior was sandblasted, then sanded, primed and repainted with automotive paint. A white latex roof coating was applied to the roof. Two 5-ton air conditioning units are installed on the exterior front wall. The rear is fitted with stabilizing jacks. A full-width belly box is installed underneath the van to store the two removable platform and step assemblies. The interior walls were stripped to the insulation and the floor was covered with galvanneal steel. All interior and exterior electrical wiring, lighting and power panels were replaced. A partitioning wall with door was installed, dividing the interior into two compartments. The interior is finished with a raised computer floor, carpeting-over-plywood walls, and a dropped acoustical tile ceiling. In addition to ceiling lighting, a fluorescent light is installed behind each of the equipment racks to illuminate the rear of the rack when pulled away from the wall. Signal entry panel is installed. Security system is provided. Fifteen equipment racks with enclosed front, rear, and sides are installed on slides on the streetside wall. Twist lock outlets provide power to the racks. Two laminate fold-down workbenches are installed on the curbside wall. A Hoffman box covers the signal entry panel; security system outlet feeds into a second Hoffman box. A fire detection and alarm system, fire extinguishers, smoke/CO detectors and emergency light are provided.

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GPIV Communications Van (Catalog #4000-033)
White Sands Missile Range, NM 1/02 – 7/02

Under an on-going contract, EMI procured a 45-foot single drop, air ride suspension trailer to be converted to a communications van. Four independent, manually operated stabilizing jacks aid in leveling the trailer for operation. Two 3-ton air conditioning units are mounted on the front wall. A telescoping antenna mast is mounted on the rear wall. A winch lowers the mast to horizontal for attaching payloads. Exterior belly boxes are installed underneath. Two personnel doors with slide-out step assemblies and safety rail system are provided, one curbside and one rear. Two floodlights are installed on the exterior. A recessed, lighted panel with intercom, quad outlet, phone jack, and cabling cutouts is provided. When open, the panel is protected from the weather by an awning. The interior is divided into two compartments. A forward utility compartment contains 25 KW generator, 7.5 KVA UPS unit, and power-rewind cable reel with 60 feet of 100-amp cable. The main control room contains equipment racks, streetside work desk with two 3-drawer pedestals and overhead storage, and curbside workstation consisting of equipment racks and writing top. Plugstrips and operator chairs are provided at the workstations. Phone jacks and intercom stations are installed on the interior. Kitchen equipment consists of hot/cold water dispenser with bottle restraint, microwave, refrigerator and metal storage cabinet. Central fluorescent lighting on dimmers, workstation lighting, and emergency lighting are all provided. The drop ceiling is finished with acoustical tile; the area above the ceiling serves for cooled air distribution. The walls are finished with commercial carpeting, and the raised floor is finished with computer tile.

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 Mobile Calorimetry Laboratory (Catalog #05000-017)
Contract: Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM; 4/01 - 1/02

EMI converted a 45-ft. dry freight van to a transportable assay laboratory. The van is partitioned into two sections, a temperature controlled assay room which will contain assay instrument, assay container, 50-gal. liquid nitrogen tank, and associated hardware; and a control room furnished by EMI with equipment racks, storage cabinets, desk and bookshelf, file cabinets and operator chair. The interior of the van is finished with carpeted walls and vinyl tile flooring. The assay room is accessible through double rear cargo doors. The office area is accessed from the exterior through a personnel door with step assembly, and from the interior through a sliding door with safety glass. Two 24,000 BTU air conditioners, power sifters, and power transformer are all installed in a utility/storage room. Passive fire alarm system is provided.

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GETS 1000 Shelter (Catalog #5000-014)
Contract: Lockheed Martin, Huntsville, AL; 4/99 - 11/99 & 3/01-9/01

The GETS 1000 system is a ruggedized military tactical vehicle, based on the standard M373A2, but modified to be 40 ft. long and 12.5 ft. high. Tandem axle configuration and air ride components are provided. EMI engineered and fabricated the entire van, finishing the exterior with epoxy grade paint and the interior with carpeting on walls and ceiling and seamless vinyl flooring. EMI provided data and voice entry ports, interior/exterior wiring and lighting, ECU, cable reel with cable, and exterior storage compartments. Personnel step assemblies with safety rail system are provided at entries. The interior is furnished with wall-mounted tiedowns, equipment racks on slides, two fold-up work tables, tool cabinets with work surface, and safety equipment.  In 2001, EMI provided a second van essentially identical to the first van.

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