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Radio Spectrum Measurement System Van
(Catalog #03000-009)
Contract: NTIA, Boulder, CO; 4/02 – 4/03

The Mobile RSMS Van is a 16-foot long EMI/RFI shielded shelter, and serves as a radio spectrum measurement support van. The shelter is mounted on a customer-furnished 25,500 lb. GVWR vehicle. EMI-RFI shielding is provided via a two-step design. The exterior aluminum skin is riveted to aluminum hat posts. This exterior skin provides a degree of shielding, but the bulk of shielding is provided by an interior 1/8-inch thick aluminum skin with fully welded seams. Wiring and conduit are surface mounted to protect shielding integrity. A personnel door and emergency escape hatch are both shielded. COTS honeycomb air filter and AC and DC power filters are installed, as well as phone filter and single fiber waveguide for network connections.
Three telescoping, rotating, antenna masts are installed. Compressor for raising the masts is installed on the front platform. A 36,000 BTU air conditioner with hot gas bypass and 5 KW heat strip provides environmental conditioning. A 20KW generator and manual transfer switch are housed in a compartment located within the confines of the shelter interior, but opening to the exterior for ventilation and maintenance. A pullout platform and step assembly is mounted under the rear platform and personnel door. Belly box storage, cable reel, and spare tire carrier are installed underneath the shelter. Antenna mounting plates, uni-strut strips for equipment mounting, and a small removable winch are installed on the roof. Exterior lighting is supplied by two halogen fixtures. The interior of the shelter is finished with carpeting on the walls and ceiling and rubberized safety tile on the floor. Furnishings include wood storage units and work desk with bookcase unit. Radio equipment and UPS units are housed in three slide-mounted equipment racks with storage drawers, writing surface, and power strips front and rear. Operator chairs are provided. Customer-furnished safe is installed. Interior lighting is supplied by one overhead and one wall mounted fluorescent fixture, three DC powered dome lights, and ceiling-mounted track lighting in front of the equipment racks. Safety equipment is installed. Customer logo is provided on the exterior.


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 Radio Frequency Interference Monitoring System (RFIMS) Vans (Catalog #10000-006)
Contract: NTIA, US Department of Commerce, Boulder, CO; 9/96-8/98

NTIA required eleven radio frequency interference monitoring vans. EMI procured Ford E350 extra long body Econoline vans. To allow additional head room on the interior, EMI modified the vans by fabricating an 18-inch high roof bumpout on the forward portion of the van. The rear roof is reinforced for walking surface and customer-furnished antenna mounting. An interior operator compartment is furnished with equipment racks and writing surfaces. The area behind the racks houses A/C and heating equipment, generator, cable reel and antenna mast.

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Spectrum Measurement Interference Control (SMIC)
(Catalog #03000-006)
Contract: Edwards Air Force Base, CA; 10/95 - 8/96

Edwards AFB contracted with EMI to provide three 14-foot EMI/RFI shielded, removable equipment shelters. EMI purchased the vehicles with ambulance and 4-wheel drive options, and completely constructed the equipment shelters. A rear storage area contains air conditioner, generator, pneumatic mast, and storage for ancillary equipment, and a front laboratory area contains equipment racks with work tops. Electronic equipment is installed by the customer.

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