Exterior View, Front
*Two 53-ft. Trailers
*AAR/BMC Trailers Connected for operation
*Stairs, walkway awning
*Air ride hookups

Exterior View, Travel Mode
*AAR/BMC Trailers prepared for travel

Exterior View, Streetside
*BMC trailer in transport mode
*Five exterior personnel doors
*Rear ECU compartment
*Recessed lighting
*Conspicuity sheeting

Exterior View, Curbside
*AAR Trailers in transport mode
*Four exterior personnel doors
*Belly storage boxes
*Rear ECU compartment
*Retractable leveling jacks

Interior View, Awning/Walkway
*Overhead awning covering walkway
*Walkway connecting trailers
*Steps with safety handrails

Interior View, Training Room
*Man module equipment racks
*Portable seating
*Circuit breaker boxes
*Emergency light
*Fluorescent lighting
*Carpeted walls
*Raised computer floor
Acoustical tile ceiling with recessed lighting

Interior View
*BMC equipment racks
*White board
*Fold-down work surfaces
*Circuit breaker boxes
*Fire alarm system

Interior View
*Role player equipment racks
*Fold-down work surfaces
*Carpeted walls
*Raised computer tile floor